WHAT IS IT? TECNOPROFILE… is the first and only publication focused on the Entertainment Industry Technology. It's published bimonthly in Spanish and English languages, offering comprehensive answers to specific useful topics both for professionals, technicians and fans. With qualified opinions of different representatives from each area of the most important national and international companies, it also has the collaboration of outstanding local and international professionals.
There is also an online version at www.tecnoprofile.com which is available in both languages too.

The magazine has some permanent sections, which are modified according to the market trends such as:

  Equipment, software, events and corporate news.
  Professional Audio and trends.
  Professional Lighting and trends.
  Backstage of the most important national and international shows.
  Shows, set design, and costume production.
  Professional Profile, special reports including opinions from Engineers, Operators, Designers and Companies,      Professional Advices with recommended equipment and statements, and Research Works.
  Surveys on fixtures, companies and services.
  Worldwide Exhibitions, worldwide tradeshows calendars, previews and reviews, new devices.
  Paper Sheets to collect with Basic knowledge about Sound, Lighting and Video.
  Latest News from the market.
  Companies Directory.

Our Magazine offers writer from all Latin America the chance of publishing their researchers and reports always communicating professionally important and innovative issues, this way they are recognized, contacted worldwide and they also obtain their own recognition. Tecnoprofile contributes to the knowledge increase of its readers and advertisers through an extensive distribution in different countries of the world, with the best information, and an excellent printed education in each one of its articles and news with the support of a highly qualified professional staff.

You can get the magazine through an Annual Subscription sent by mail, fax, or through our Website, where you can find part of the most relevant news and articles from each issue.
Following a strategic policy of punctual distribution in each country or area, we are able to access to a specific target that advertisers need: including manufacturers, consultants, distributors, dealers, professionals, students, consumers, producers and technicians involved in each area of the Entertainment Industry.

If your company is interested in advertising your products or services in Tecnoprofile Magazine, and/or our website, please don't hesitate on contacting our representatives to receive advertising rates (if not included here), or to be contacted by a person of our staff to arrange an Annual Ad Deal.
By this contact, we will formally ask you to send us any information and Press Releases that you consider important and are interested in publishing in the magazine to promote your work and products.
Welcome to Tecnoprofile Magazine!!


  Diseñadores de Iluminación.
  Lighting Designers
  Lighting Manufacturers
  Lighting Technicians
  Sound Designers
  Audio Manufacturers
  Dealers (lighting, sound, video)
  Sound Technicians
  Professional Video
  Rental Companies
  International DJs
  Set Designers
  Stands Designers
  Scenery Designers
  Photo Studios
  Advertising and Promotional Bureau
  TV and Cable Stations
  Theatrical Producers
  Film Producers
  Artist Managers
  Nightclubs and discotheques
  Bars, Pubs, Restaurants
  Convention Hotels
  Theme Parks
  Venue Organizers/ Producers
  Exhibitor Companies
  Distribution: FREE-OF-CHARGE magazine, paying Post Mail fees only.
  Marketplace: Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico,
     Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Venezuela and punctually to Canada, Denmark, USA, Spain, England,
     Italy and China.
  Frequency: Bimonthly.
  Average per edition: 10,000 issues.
  Deadline for editorial info: See EDITORIAL CALENDAR below.
  Deadline for Advertisement: See EDITORIAL CALENDAR below.


  Formato: A4 (20cm x 28 cm).
  Magazine Size: A4 (7.88 x 11.02 in)
  Pages: From 80 to 152 pages or more (depending on the edition)
  Covers: Glossy special paper 250grs. UV coated film Full color.
  Interior: Glossy or matt paper 90/115grs. Full color.
  Special Ad inserts: (15.74in. x 22.04in.) Glossy paper 120grs. Full color.
  Edition platform: PC
  System: Windows XP (as well as 2000, 98, 95)
  Edition software: Quark X Press 4.0 or 5.0.
  Text Processors: Microsoft WORD (Mac-PC), Simple Text (Mac-PC)
  Images Processing Software: Adobe Photoshop 7 or CS and Adobe Illustrator CS.
  Images formats: JPG, TIFF, EPS, GIF, BMP, PSD (RGB or CMYK color systems).
  Image resolution: 240 to 340 dpi.
  Storage type for sending material: ZIP disk, DVD or CD for PC platform. Files must be accompanied by hard copy
     (laser output), and all linked graphics, images, fonts, and other necessary elements.
  Email sending: high quality JPG or PDF format / 100%.

Ads must be sent in CD, DVD or similar. NO FILMS. If sent by email, it must be in JPG or PDF format (high quality). In both cases it's convenient to clarify the software and version.

In case of more than one ad, if the customer does not specify another thing BY WRITTEN, the magazine will publish the ad that appeared in the last issue.

If you want to change the ad, you will have to pay FILM RATE or CTP process again, depending on the case. Any modification or change on ads must be communicated to the magazine before the DEADLINE specified for each issue.

The Advertiser must always follow the deadline imposed by the Editorial staff (which will be
sent by e-mail, several weeks in advance).
-If the material is ready before this date, please send it as soon as possible.
-If the material both editorial or advertisement is sent after this date, it WILL NOT be
included in the corresponding edition.
If the Advertisers want to change or send a new ad for the issue in question, they must do it
keeping in mind the following features regarding the file:
-It can be in JPG, PDF or TIFF formats, HIGH resolution, 300 dpi. CMYK color range.
-It must have a 5mm border as minimum in ALL its sides (add them to the corresponding ad
size) and cutting marks, to avoid problems while doing that process. If the files you’ve sent do
not have these features they will not be accepted till you have done the necessary changes.
-You must detail the platform and software used for designing it.

 -Our Graphic Design Department WILL NOT modify files nor do any corrections in case they
don’t fulfill the features established before.
-Files will be sent to printing such as they were received, in case the Advertiser didn’t carry out
the changes suggested by our Graphic Design Department.
-The Advertiser can request a specific color test, in this case these extra expenses will be
charged to the Advertiser.
-If the file has been sent by the Advertiser in low resolution or if it was out of the parameters
explained above, we will communicate those errors to Advertisers so they can send the
modified ad file as soon as possible before going into printings.
-Our Graphic Design Department WILL NOT intervene in the Design. Details to be kept in mind
regarding this item to avoid some mistakes:
*Thin four colors borders (for example: 0,3 mm lines in purple color, CMYK: 100/50/0/30). In
most of the processes, colors in this kind of objects can not be well registered.
* Texts in negative on four colors backgrounds having thin features (for example, a text in 18
white Bodoni letter located on a color image en color).
*One color thin or small texts on its complementary color (for example, 9 points magenta 
Times New Roman letter on a cyan background).
-In case of arranging any kind of correction between our Graphic Design Department and
the Advertiser, those changes will be charged to the Advertiser besides the ad rate itself.


  Footer $600
   Quarter Page $800
  Half page $1200


Full Page $2200


Inside back Cover $3200

Inside Front Cover $3000

Outside Back Cover $3000

  Cover $6000

Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission from the editorial department is prohibited and it will be penalized.
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